Utopia 2019

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Utopia 2019

“To see and believe in the world, not as it is, but as it could be”
The theme relates to and associates with our own attractive pictures of reality, but “Utopia” relates primarily to the book of Thomas More from 1516 describing a fictional society located on a remote island in the Atlantic. The idea is also found, for example, in the fairytale world, for example in “The Wizard of Oz” that allows us to experience a golden road ahead. Religious movements such as “Jehovah’s Witnesses” give us colored images of the promised paradise on earth. In the ecological green movement, we have been able to see the beginning of a utopian world order, but in the debate about climate change, a more dystopic picture of the future is also raising.

In a significant narrative, Maria Llerena from Cuba tells about a framed portrait that was sitting at the office of her poor home in Havana. The portrait was a photograph of her father wearing a white sailor uniform. “I do not know why I loved him so much, but he was so beautiful in the picture. We never met him but he was the coolest father in the world … ” Her illusion was broken a few years later when she met him really and he turned out to be a completely different person.

How do we shape our thoughts and dreams?

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