Uppdates april 2017

Uppdates april 2017

Hi all! Spring and longer sun hours are positive news for Malmö, Skåne…and for us as well. We are working on with meeting and planning to meet the effort of all participant of Malmö fotobiennal 2017 under the theme” The society of the Spectacle”.

We have now been through more than 150 open call applications and decided to take in a broad spectrum of work from 17 artist/photographers. The selected projects can be seen as representation of the different aspects of a medial spectacle and of our societies at a paradigm. More information on the selected work coming soon.

We are trilled to announce the participation of Dunkerskulturshus in the program. The culture house will be hosting a large number of  new photography and film projects of known and unknown photographers, surrealism and illusion of reality. ITALIA – Anders Petersen, Lorenzo Castore, Martin Bogren is a poetic story black and white photography exhibition of three internationally renowned photographers. ITALIA is giving the audience everyday images of Italy from three photographic temperament and perspectives. Bending Reality by Erik Johansson are breathtaking optical photography fascinating, amusing and challenging illusions of reality. Photographer Nelly Gunnarsson – Helsingborg photographer worked from 1903 to 1928. The exhibition  shows a selection of Nelly Gunnarssons century-old original photographs. Keep the storm at bay by Tomas Gilljam is a video-based projects dealing with the relationship between man, nature and history.

We also welcome Galleri CC and the work of Irish artist Alan Butler. The project ”Down and Out in Los Santos” Alan is pushing the boundaries of photography in an interesting manner and that his work is extremely relevant to the theme of the Malmö Fotobiennal in 2017. About the project: Down and Out in Los Santos is series of photographs that are created by exploiting a smartphone camera feature within the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Players of GTAV can put away the guns and knives, and instead take photos within the game environment. This operates in basically the same way as ‘real’ cameras do. I walk around a three-dimensional space, find a subject, point the camera, compose the shot, focus, and click the shutter. I have taken a photograph.(…)

Further on we are looking forward to work in close contact with In-discourse, Silas Bieri at the Lokstallarna. The space is an 800 square meters old train factory in Kiseberg, Malmö. We have already decided to show the large format photography of Jenny Eliasson and of Graham Adey among others.

Spread the word to your friends and colleges about Malmö Fotobiennal 2017! Most foto exhibitions, the seminar, the book days, the artist talks are free of charge. It is all happenings thanks to the dedicated work of the board, Marcio Souza, Jeanette Schou and Susanna Hesselberg and thanks to Malmö stad financial contribution.

Michel Thomas. Head of the board
Malmö Fotobiennal


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