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This exhibition is created by Malmö Fotobiennal board of curators.

Where is Utopia? Is it a nowhere land? The 10 selected artists are all showing us a personal approach and new point of view on the theme: UTOPIA.

Claire Laude | Kaliningrad

Claire Laude body of work is dealing with the myth of a town: a state of transition and in-between spaces. What is implemented in the manifestation of cities architecture in Kaliningrad and Königsberg?
+ Focus on Claire Laude project

Kirsten Otzen Keck | Det Mobile Forum

Kirsten Otzen Keck photo series “The Mobile Forum” use flat two-dimensional prints and 3D model spaces in an attempt to talk about the utopian. What’s in-between images of images and real objects?
+ Focus on Kirsten Otzen Keck photo serie

Frederiko Estol | Shine

“I have been there and I can attest that there are shoes that dazzle thanks to the super powers of the family of shoe shiners living in La Paz, the true shine heroes”.
+ Focus on Federico Estol

Stephanie Roland | Ideal city

Stephanie Roland’s Ideal city is a project on the boundary between the real and the imaginary. We want it all but what is left?
+ Focus on Stefanie Roland project

Annabel Elgar | Noon in the Desert

Annabel Elgar is recreating space. From archival photography to interior and exteriors in miniature scale. “I am interested in how the forensic use of the miniature subverts the innocence of the doll’s house aesthetic, in order to recreate complex histories”
+ Focus on Annabel Elgar project: Noon in the desert

Malmö Fotobiennal board of Curators
Michel Thomas
Fredrik Weerasinghe
Susanna Hesselberg
Jeanette Schou