Photography in Focus. Malmö 2019

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“Photography in Focus” main purpose is to increase and promote the interest in the different expressions of the photographic image. Since 2003, the association has organized “Malmö Fotobiennal”.

We are an umbrella organization with an extensive network of international artists and photographers. We cooperate with all important galleries and institutions in the region. In 2017, the photo biennale was organized for the eighth time in a row, but 2019 will be the year when we did not receive enough funding to be able to implement the Biennial.

We still want to look ahead and we invite everyone to a conversation to develop our organization for the next Biennal 2020.

Already in June, we are at Gallery 21 and you are very welcome to meet us there. We create a room where ideas can be conveyed, Photography in Focus, Malmö 2019. We will return with events and opening hours.

During the autumn, we are creating numerous conversations about photography and art. We will return with planning shortly.

Throughout the year we will develop our presence on social media.


We need new members of our board, we need other forces, volunteers and volunteers. Do you have your own ideas you want to realize? Get past or hear from you so we create new!


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Fotografi i Fokus. Malmö 2019

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”Fotografi i Fokus” huvudsyfte är att öka och främja intresset för den fotografiska bildens olika uttryck. Sedan 2003 anordnar föreningen “Malmö Fotobiennal”.

Vi är en paraply organisation med ett omfattande nätverk av internationella konstnärer och fotografer. Vi samarbetar med alla viktiga gallerier och institutioner i regionen.  Under 2017 så anordnades Fotobiennalen för åttonde gången i följd men 2019 blir året då vi inte fick tillräcklig med anslag för att kunna genomföra Biennalen. 

Vi vill trots det se framåt och vi bjuder in alla till samtal för att utveckla vår organisation inför nästa Biennal 2020. 


Redan nu i juni finns vi på Galleri 21 och du är varm välkommen att träffa oss där. Vi skapar ett rum där idéer kan förmedlas, Fotografi i Fokus, Malmö 2019. Vi återkommer med event och öppettider.


Under hösten skapar vi flertal samtal kring fotografi och konsten. Vi återkommer med planering inom kort.


Under hela året ska vi utveckla vår närvaro på sociala medier.


Vi behöver flera ledamöter i vår styrelse, vi behöver andra krafter, frivilliga och volontär. Har du egna idéer du vill förverkliga? Kom förbi eller hör av dig så skapar vi nytt!


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Malmö Fotobiennal 2019 is canceled

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The board of the non-profit association “Fotografi i Fokus” has decided to cancel Malmö Fotobiennal 2019. Unfortunately, we did not receive the project grant that we applied from Malmö City. This also applies to Region Skåne.

In recent weeks, we have really made several attempts to find a solution, but now, after careful consideration, and with grief in the heart, the Board has decided to cancel all planned program items and also to cancel the entire Malmö photo biennale in 2019. There are no possibilities for running the project.

Board of “Photography in Focus”. Malmö Fotobiennal.

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Download Malmö Fotobiennal logos. PNG FILES

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Welcome with your application to Malmö Fotobiennal 2019. The deadline for the application is pushed until the 28th of February 2019. The main theme for the exhibitions is “UTOPIA”. The curator group is looking forward to review your project or series of photography, which we trust to be related to the theme in one way or the other. Applying to open call is free of charge.

If your work is chosen we will contact you in the beginning of mars 2019. Further on, due to our narrow budget, we cannot receive any original prints. Since a few years back we are printing the projects here on a large quality Epson printer. Your work will be displayed in the catalogue as well but all that information will be detailed for you if you are among the chosen artist/photographer.


• The application shall be one (1) PDF-file with multiple pages (4-8)
• All info/material shall be included in this document. 
• The PDF-file shall be in a standing/portrait format/layout.
• The PDF-file has shall not exceed more than 8 pages. 
• New: The PDF-language can be English, Swedish or Danish.

Send your open call application to

Structure of your Application:

Page 1  
Name, adress and contact information (email, cell/mobile phone etc.)
Write  ”Application Malmö Fotobiennal 2019” in upper right side.
Personal statement – Wrote a free text on your work.

Page 2.
Page 2 is a compressed CV where you include the most important information.
In Page 2 you include information as; education, group exhibitions, grants, commissions etc. 

Page 3.
Application form updated on the 10th of Feb. To be clear: The board is taking care of finding a physical space for the open call exhibitions.

Exhibition proposal – Write a text on what you are intending to show at the Malmö Fotobiennal. Include as much information as possible as a theoretical perspective on your work, media and format etc.
On the bottom of Page 3. Insert links to your website and to work that is current to your present work and the work you are applying with.

Page 4-8
Portfolio – Insert images in the document that is relevant and images that you are applying with and intend to exhibit. 
Under all images do write information of the work as; title, media (print, collage etc.) and year. 

• If you have video work. Upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo (or other websites).

• If you have video work that you don´t want to show in public and is only for the application for Malmö Fotobiennal. Upload the video on Vimeo (or other website) and make it as a ”closed/private” video and include the link on Page 3. and write the password for accessing the video under the link.

• Regarding inserted links – All links has to be active, that is the website you are linking to should appear when you click on the link. 

• Reduced File Size – Save you application as a PDF- file and also as ”Reduced File Size” before you send it to us. 

• File name – The PDF-file should be:  Start with MFOC19 (an abbreviation of Malmö Fotobiennal Open Call 2019) and your name. 

See example
MFOC19_First Name_Surname.pdf

Download the PDF-file “Example & Guideline of Application Malmö Fotobiennal” to see how all your information should be disposed in your application.

Send your open call application to

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Utopia 2019

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Utopia 2019

“To see and believe in the world, not as it is, but as it could be”
The theme relates to and associates with our own attractive pictures of reality, but “Utopia” relates primarily to the book of Thomas More from 1516 describing a fictional society located on a remote island in the Atlantic. The idea is also found, for example, in the fairytale world, for example in “The Wizard of Oz” that allows us to experience a golden road ahead. Religious movements such as “Jehovah’s Witnesses” give us colored images of the promised paradise on earth. In the ecological green movement, we have been able to see the beginning of a utopian world order, but in the debate about climate change, a more dystopic picture of the future is also raising.

In a significant narrative, Maria Llerena from Cuba tells about a framed portrait that was sitting at the office of her poor home in Havana. The portrait was a photograph of her father wearing a white sailor uniform. “I do not know why I loved him so much, but he was so beautiful in the picture. We never met him but he was the coolest father in the world … ” Her illusion was broken a few years later when she met him really and he turned out to be a completely different person.

How do we shape our thoughts and dreams?

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Info om kommande Biennal 2019

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Datum för Malmö Fotobiennal. 2019 upplaga är fastställd till den 1 till den 11 juni. Huvudtema är:

”UTOPIA” Att se och skildra världen, inte som den är, men som den kunde vara. 

I vanlig ordning bjuder vi gallerier, muséer och institutioner i regionen att ingå i biennalens program. Vi ser fram emot att inkludera fotografiutställningar, filmer och installationer i katalogen.

2019 inleder vi ett nära samarbete med Copenhagen Photo Festival. Vi anordnar ett gemensamt seminar med föreläsningar i båda städerna. Vi kurerar en ”open call” där internationella konstnärer och fotografer är välkomna att söka med egna verk. Är du gallerist och är intresserad av utbudet så kan vi se om där finns möjligheter att sammankoppla utvalda artister och ditt galleri. Som tidigare år producerar vi en karta, flyers och ett omfattande katalog med essäer och fotografier från varje fotograf och/eller utställning. Och du blir självklart inbjuden till vår invigningsfest!

Vill du redan nu anmäla ditt intresse att delta i nästa års biennal är du välkommen att höra av dig. Vi planerar även ha ett informationsmöte inom de närmaste veckorna där vi hoppas få träffa dig personligen.

”Utopia” kan ses som en introspektion av våra egna inre bilder. Redan 1516 skrev Thomas More boken ”Utopia” om ett fiktivt samhälle men vi kan även återkoppla den utopiska idéen i film och sagovärlden, som i ”The Wizard of Oz” som låter oss uppleva en gyllene väg framåt. Frikyrkliga broschyrer erbjuder oss färglagda bilder om det utlovade paradiset. Gröna vågen strävar efter en utopisk världsordning men en mer dystopisk bild av framtiden hägrar också.

Hur gestaltar vi våra inre tankar? Är Utopia en synvilla, en omöjlig dröm, en illusion? Vilka föreställningar skapar vi idag? 

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Malmö Fotobiennal 2017 edition took place in June. Our hope is that you enjoy the shows in Malmlö Fotobiennal 2017 and got some deepening in our society mirrored through the 45 contemporary photography projects included in the program. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE EFFORT & SEE YOU IN 2019!

Participants 2017:
Dunkers | Helsingborg: “Italia”
Anders Petersen | Lorenzo Castore | Martin Bogren

Konsthallen i Malmö: “Subjektiv”
Eline Mugaas and Elise Storsveen (NO) | Basma Alsharif (US) | Liz Magic Laser (US) | Sara Cwynar (CA) | Deana Lawson (US) | Zoe Leonard (US) | Sandra Mujinga (NO) | Josephine Pryde (UK)

Malmö Museer: “Aino”
Nina Backman

Moderna Museet: “Malmö’s burning”
Ninni Benediktson | Anne Nummila Rosengren | Christian Cavallin | Åke Dahlbom | Stina Ebers | Leif Eriksson | Allan Friis | Pernilla Frykholm | Abelardo Gonzalez | Elisa Halvegård | Lasse Hejll | Paulina Hårleman | Per Linde | Lena Mattsson | Jessica Nilsson | Isabel Rayo Planella | Maria Tomczak | Pepe Viñoles | Annika Wide | Jacques Zadig | Ola Åstran

The Folk Festival, 1971 © Lars Hejll

Skånes Konstförening & Södra Förstadsgatan “Selected Works”
Gilles Alonso | Louis de Belle | Julian Birbrajer | Ole Christiansen | Mats Eriksson | Philipp Gallon | Ole Marius Joergensen | Lucie | Amelie Landry Khahoutian | Ulf Lundin | Charlotte Lyber | Adrien Pezennec | Robert Rutoed | Daniele Sambo | Simone Sapienza | Per-Olof Stoltz

Fotografisk Center: “Herbarium”
Sanna Kannisto | Camilla Berner | Helene Schmitz | Diana Scherer | Andreas Greiner | Nanna Debois-Buhl | Ulrik Heltoft | Miljohn Ruperto | Jaakko Kahilaniem

Kulturen i Lund: “The studio of vanities”
Omar Victor Diop

Molekyl Gallery”5-9″
Ulf Lundin | Han Shun Zhou

Gallery CC: “Down and out in Los Santos”
Alan Butler

Gallery Format: “Devices”
Emil Salto

Vasli Souza Gallery: “Korean Dreams”
Nathalie Daoust

Digitaliserum: “Travelling”
John Webb


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Catalogue 09-18 June 2017. The society of the spectacle

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Photography now

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Happy to be part of the great photography family

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