Uppdates Mai 2017

Uppdates Mai 2017
The Folk Festival, 1971 © Lars Hejll

The final count down has started. We are happy to welcome Moderna Malmö to the Biennal and to include the exhibition:”MALMÖ’S burning, an exhibition about revolt, dreams and passions, 1968-1988″ in the program.
Text by curators, Clemens Altgård and Ola Åstrand from Moderna museet website: (…) The aim of the exhibition Malmö’s Burning is to feature—in a deeply personal way—images of a city that has just disappeared before our eyes. With a number of important selected works forming the hub of a revolving remix of an era, we want to rekindle memories and feelings from a time that can seem paradoxically both far behind us and startlingly close. 

The exhibition Malmö’s Burning spans from the experimental and increasingly political 1960s to the 1980s, when new alternative cultures began to emerge just as the good years in terms of economic prosperity seemed to be over. Viewing that era from the perspective of today provides a new and alternative image of Malmö’s transformation through a remix of various cultural expressions, a blend of both visual art and other styles of the subcultures that have made lasting impressions on the city.
Participating artists.
Ninni Benediktson & Anne Nummila Rosengren, Art Bomba/Åke Dahlbom, Christian Cavallin, Stina Ebers, Leif Eriksson, Allan Friis, Pernilla Frykholm, Abelardo Gonzalez, Elisa Halvegård, Lars Hejll, Paulina Hårleman, Per Linde & Technicolor Poets, Lena Mattsson, Jessica Nilsson, Isabel Rayo, Maria Tomczak, Pepe Viñoles, Annika Wide, Jacques Zadig, Ola Åstrand.


Region Skåne and culture Skåne has granted us a contribution to our seminar with motivation: “Malmö Fotobiennal 2017” takes place in June and hosts a large number of photo-based exhibitions around Skåne as well as artist talks and film shows in a well-established collaboration with art institutions, galleries And academy. The overall theme “The Society of the Spectacle”is based on the artist and theorist Guy Debord’s book from 1967, one of our most up-to-date issues exploring photography roll in a media landscape and society in rapid and radical changes. It is about the relationship of the image to reality, credibility and digital manipulation, alternative facts and the future development of photography. The seminar taking place in Malmö during the photo biennial promoting communication and development of knowledge as well as the ability for critical thinking.


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