Ulf Lundin | 5-9 | Molekyl gallery

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Ulf Lundin. 5-9

Artist website: http://ulflundin.nu/9-5/

Exhibition space: http://molekylgallery.com

In the video 5-9 we´re following the everyday doings in a office building in the Stockholm area. The piece is shot secretly from the outside during dark hours. Lundin has gathered material during several weeks. That material is put together digitally so that the result is 27 minutes long unbroken dolly shot. The result is a condensed reality where time and space has been manipulated. Lundin is not really interested in the office workers that are portrayed in 5-9. They represent all of us and our gaze is turned towards ourselves. How do we choose to live our lives?

Ulf Lundin was born in Alingsås, Sweden in 1965 and trained as a still photographer at The Scool of Photography, The University of Gothenburg (MFA, 1997). He has had numerous exhibitions in Sweden and abroad and currently lives in Stockholm working as an artist, primarly in the field of video and photography.