Selected artists

Philipp Gallon, Necessary Measures


Philipp GallonNecessary Measures is a group of photographic images depicting memories of growing up queer and the strategies I used to conceal the parts of my identity that would evoke resentment or hostility with other people. The images are complemented with details that serve as a commentary on the numerous possibilities digital and social media offer for altering appearance, performing gender roles and adjust the way we are perceived. The work addresses various aspects of queer identity and talks about issues such as internalized homophobia and misogyny, shame and exclusion. It contains notions of how past and present experiences shape identity, and how the visible and invisible structures that surround us alter our assumptions of each other and of ourselves.

Philipp Gallon

Philipp Gallon is a German Visual Artist. His work investigates the relationship between visual representation and ways of seeing and remembering. It addresses the themes memory, queer identity, and place. He divides his time between Stockholm and Berlin.