Lucie Khahoutian | With All This Darkness Round Me I Feel Less Around.

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With All This Darkness Round Me I Feel Less Around.

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At the crossroads between religious rituals and psychotic behaviors, this story narrates a slow plunge into insanity. From one step to another we are taken onto this one-way journey, wavering between isolation, abandonment, blindness and oblivion. The timid human figure fades away, becoming its own shadow, ghostlike, maybe, dehumanized, doomed.

Lucie Khahoutian

If eyes are ‘the window to the soul’, here they are often missing, hidden under blinders, ornaments, veils, or on the contrary, omnipresent, in the form of artifacts. As if our subject was literally loosing sight along with their discernment. Simple rituals of communal life become rituals of faith and devotion, soon one belongs to the other. Protagonists are then shapeless, passive forms, they don’t really see what is happening. They’ve become the shadows of forgotten ancestors. In this traditional setting, magic is invoked, to test faith almost, and resolve the inexplicable. The isolated duo appears weakened rather than fortified and struggles to communicate in the muttering of Babel’s tower.

In the most absolute harmony we could not hide from solitude.
Could we then be alone together?