Emma Ribbing | Slime Mold Experience | G3 Lokstallarna

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Emma Ribbing Slime Mold Experience

exhibition space: www.in-discourse.com

In collaboration with Heather Barnett, University professor of visual art (bio & eco−art) at St Martin College of Art, UK, Emma Ribbing creates a choreography based on the communication network of unicellular organisms − slime mold. These organisms behavioural patterns serve as basis for a choreographic simulation where communication functions and where it doesn’t. Where an individual can exist and where it disappears within their group.

Foto © Alexis R. Cancino

Slime Mold Experience is a dance and science experience with strong symbolism of a sustainable communication system and its strengths and weaknesses. The resuIts of this experience will propose dance as a research tool for further analyses and discussions. The project wiII invite dancers, architects and city planners to be part of its laboratories and on−site experiments.

Slime Mold Experience is not a photo exhibition but an open a research process that provides a look into the laboratory and its techniques.