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Anu Ramdas, Chrisitan Danielewitz.


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Against the Grain
Anu Ramdas and Christian Danielewitz

May 13–June 18

Artist talk – June 10, at 3–4 pm

The exhibition Against the Grain, by the Danish artists Anu Ramdas and Christian Danielewitz, focuses on the radioactive pollution in Inner Mongolia. Due to the recent years of technological development, a ruthless mining industry is now ongoing on other side of the earth. With abstract photographs, film and objects, the artists visualize the complexity around our explosive consumption of everyday technology.

In the autonomous province of Inner Mongolia in northern China, the world’s largest mine for the extraction of rare earth elements is located. Every year, the mine generates millions of tons of radioactive waste which is stored at the Weikuang Dam waste station.

In 2016 Ramdas and Danielewitz travelled to the Weikuang Dam. They brought along 20 light proof envelopes containing black-and-white negatives. On location they injected radioactive material in to the envelopes and let the negatives be exposed by the radiation.