Updates mars 2017

Updates mars 2017
Nina Backman

Hi all! Malmö is doing great. Believe me…and to you wondering about the Biennal, we are working on with meeting and planning to meet the effort of all participant under the theme” The society of the Spectacle”:.

The galleries and institutions in our region will get the invite within a couples of weeks but we are already happy to include a large exhibition at Malmö Konsthall entitled “Subjektiv”. Curated by the editorial board of the Scandinavian art journal Objektiv – Lucas Blalock, Ida Kierulf, Brian Sholis, Susanne Ø. Sæther and editor Nina Strand – Subjektiv presents artworks from the last five years that speak to this situation through their strategic staging of subjectivity and its political potential or impotence. All the works are camera-based – photographs and films, collages and slide shows – and span from straight documentary to a post-internet aesthetics of the interface. While radically different in strategies and aesthetics, these works all investigate the friction between the personal, the collective, and the political.

Malmö museer is welcome as well with an outdoor exhibition “Aino” by the Finnish born and Berlin based artist Nina Backman. (…) Whereas the vulgarly politicized version is locked into the evident nostalgia and hallucinating longing back for the imagined golden years of early 20th century, Backman refuses to accept the passive role of the suspected outsider and the other. This time, the outsider and the other are already inside in. And this time around, she is not just cute, and not shy. She is clever, and she does not stand still. She re-activates the connections between the past, the present and the future. She keeps on moving. Not the mountain, but the ways we see what it means to be right here, right now.(…)

We are welcoming Kulturen in Lund with the exhibition called African “The Studio of Vanities, staged portraits of Africa´s contemporary urban scene” by the photographer Omar Victor Diop from Senegal.

Further on we are looking forward to fill-in some new alternativ space in Malmö.
Michel Thomas. Head of the board. Malmö Fotobiennal 2017

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