Michael Johansson | Ideal spaces

Michael Johansson representing ISWG ideal spaces working group.
Talks on the project “Ideal city [ 9:30 mn]

An ideal space is both space imagined, from the Greek idea and eidos; and space “ideal” in the words common use, denoting a space perfected [1]. In that latter meaning, an ideal space is an absolute model of how space should be. In this sense, it is also a utopian space. 

Ideal spaces are not only about architecture but about social dreaming and imagination, expressed in ‘ideal’ spaces with their impacts on architecture, art, and human hopes. We tried to show this via a combination of presenting ideal city spaces, active participation of the visitors molding their own spaces, and symbolic representation. Ideal Spaces is also a high-tech project that uses diverse technologies in new ways, also new techniques and programming developed by us. The exhibition deals with ideal spaces in a double sense: as spaces imagined and as spaces utopian, or perfected. In both its meanings of being ‘ideal’, an ideal space relates to utopian space, an old theme deeply embedded in our cultural memory which has never lost its actuality and appeal. With a look at recent conditions, we need to re-address it more than ever (…)

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