2021-12-24 FOCUS ON | Maja Ingerslev

During the period 17-31decembre 2021 Malmö fotobiennal will focus on one of the selected artist on each day.
The photographers/artists are all included in the curated exhibition: UTOPIA | A NOWHERE LAND

We are pleased to welcome Maja Ingerslev in Malmö Fotobiennal 2021. Her work is concerned with themes of nature and culture, visibility and disappearance, imagination and reality. Her subtle work investigates our relation to nature and our perception of it. Maja Ingerslev photographs are linked to the tradition of staged photography and to land art with temporary installations in nature.

Nature itself serves as a starting point for her photographic landscapes that seem suspended between something real and something imagined. Her work exploits the relationship between the medium of photography and the idea of reality. At first glance, the represented scenes from nature appear entirely authentic but closer inspection uncovers layers and layers of narrative. 

“My works are characterized by a varied use of materials and media.

I work with: photography, video , animation, installation, sculpture , drawing, artists` books and paper cuttings – and in the interaction between these media.

In some of my works I let nature be the starting point for my studies of imagination and reality. Nature is an inspiration in my work with its potential base for transformations, amazement and imagination. It is a source of wonder and is as part of our reality in the way that this universe exists and we are here – in this moment that also change or disappear.

In my photographs, I use the staging of diverse forms, which creates shifts in our perceptions of the image and the reality. My work speak in a language of story, interactivity, movements and silence. The work is about making immeasurable and irreplaceable values of nature and imagination visible in our society. It is a poetic action and creating of works that enter into the room of discussion with images and space that insist on time for reflection and presence.”
Maja Ingerslev.

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