The end of reality

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Malmö Fotobiennal 2017 edition is now over. Here are some personal thoughts on the theme.

Photography use the language or draw on conventions of advertising, revealing the often darker underside of the promises of perfection embedded in much of popular culture, from televisions show to music, and magazines to malls and supermarkets. In the 1980s, a number of artist drew on the socialpolitical disillusionment around them, sing their media-tinged artwork as a filter through which ”real life” was delivered.

Photography, film and the media conveyed a scenic view of reality but today, virtual messages, display, simulation and false news images turned to be the normal and almost becoming truthful. As we upload our embellished pictures, we contribute ourselves to cement the prevailing social norms. We are creating and sharing our own spectacle.

I love that picture of you! Happy about that comment or should we? I mean do you love me or the image? We are living in a time when photography and the visual media are becoming more relevant than reality. Our profil pictures, photoshop manipulation of reality, poster of political election are all alienations and statement in our contemporary society. We contribute ourselves to cement the prevailing social norms by uploading our embellished profil pictures. We are creating and sharing our own spectacle.
Photography used to be such a craftsmanship; now, no one takes it seriously. It’s gone from an exclusive enterprise, requiring expensive equipment, hazardous chemicals and the real estate of dark rooms, to a basic part of everyone’s daily existence.
Technology has made photography so easy and pervasive that it is actually creating a new form of language and means of communication.

See you in 2019 / Michel Thomas. Head of the board

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