The following are written in connection to Malmö Fotobiennal main themes

+ Christopher Kul-Want | Utopia and the Image of Imagination

We live in a period when it is widely proclaimed that there will be no future; Capital continues to dominate the world order with invidious consequences as ecological catastrophe looms and nationalist tendencies prevail once more...read more

+ Ulrich Gehmann, Michael Johansson & Andi Siess | Ideal spaces

Ulrich Gehmann, Michael Johansson &  Andi Siess  1   Introduction An ideal space is both a space imagined and a space “ideal” in the words common use, denoting a space perfected. In that latter meaning, an ideal space is an …read more

+ ROBERT ZARETSKY | Trump and the society of the spectacle

Nearly 50 years ago, Guy Debord’s “The Society of the Spectacle” reached bookshelves in France. It was a thin book in a plain white cover, with an obscure publisher and an author who shunned interviews, but its impact was immediate …read more

Trump and the society of the spectacle was first publish in the New York TIME 08-2017. We want to express our appreciation to Robert Zaretsky for the possibility to include this relevant essay here in Malmö Fotobiennal 2017

+ The contemptuous dishonesty of the image. by Lars Diurlin

The nature of situationism and its founder Guy Debord are exceedingly elusive, and they also constantly endeavoured to be precisely this. A genuine avant-garde movement never stops, that is self-evident. …read more

+ Un-Spectacle the Spectacle? by Pontus Kyander

The Society of the Spectacle is a 1967 book by Guy Debord, with a title as catching as its content is mostly neither read nor much considered. In that sense, it shares the fate of Marshall McLuhan’s phrase “The Media is the Message”…read more