Uppdates april 2017

Posted by | April 5

Hi all! Spring and longer sun hours are positive news for Malmö, Skåne…and for us as well. We are working on with meeting and planning to meet the effort of all participant of Malmö fotobiennal 2017 under the theme” The society of the Spectacle”. We have now been through more […]

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Galleri form

Posted by | March 14

To our partners, Galleries and museum in the region: + Here is the form to fill in  

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Updates mars 2017

Posted by | March 13

Hi all! Malmö is doing great. Believe me…and to you wondering about the Biennal, we are working on with meeting and planning to meet the effort of all participant under the theme” The society of the Spectacle”:. The galleries and institutions in our region will get the invite within a […]

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The Society of the Spectacle

Posted by | March 12

“Where the real world changes into simple images, the simple images become real beings and effective motivations of hypnotic behavior.” Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle (1967) + Link to the embedded film The 2017 edition of Malmö Fotobiennal celebrates 50 years since the release of the essay “The Society of […]

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Trump and ”The society of the spectacle”. Robert Zaretsky

Posted by | February 28

We want to thank Robert Zaretsky for this essay, first published in “The New York Times” on the 20th of februari 2017. We see this contribution as a part of the ongoing debate dealing with “The politics and the spectacle”. — Nearly 50 years ago, Guy Debord’s “The Society of the […]

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Updates Februari 2017

Posted by | February 13

The countdown has started. 4 month to go. A few more meeting this week. The open call is on untill the end of this month. We are happy for all the upcoming collaboration during the Biennal: Köpenhamn Fotofestival Biograf Panora, Malmö Fotomaraton, Reclaim photography, In-discourse / Lokstalarna We are also delighted […]

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Open call (Closed)

Posted by | January 24

Submission deadline: 28th February 2017. The open-call are under review in Mars 2017 To exhibit at this year’s biennale send your project description and images to (Email’s subject: Open Call 2017). Malmö Fotobiennal takes place in the south of Sweden, 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen in Denmark. On its […]

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Februari 2017 in the Press

Posted by | January 13 Så ska Malmö fotobiennal bli nästa år av Jonas Gillberg Malmö fotobiennal satsar nästa år på temat ”The society of the spectacle” med frågor om hur sann den fotografiska bilden är. Dessutom blir det fotomaraton, samarbete med Köpenhamns fotofestival och kanske en stor bioduk på Möllevångstorget. Malmös fotobiennal startade […]

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Site under reconstruction

Posted by | September 27

Our website was hacked att the end of 2016. We re so sorry but we are have a make-over for the Biennal 2017. You find some samples of the program of the biennal 2015 under the main menu.  

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