2015 Contemporary Activism

11-20 Sept 2015. Contemporary Activism

During the ten days of the biennial, we have been working with fifty artists and photographers whose projects set out to challenge us in many ways. Their exhibitions contributed to the exchange and understanding of the ideological differences that permeates many parts of the world and the challenges ahead. We created a forum and broaden the discussion on the enhanced role of photography in society and promote critical dialogue about photography and activism. Thirty galleries, museums and alternative venues in Malmö were included in the program, as well as art institutions in Copenhagen, Lund and Helsingborg also represented with major exhibitions. We created a curated exhibition with 10 chosen artists as well.

Since the early stages of the photographic medium, images have been used as a powerful tool to advocate awareness, to inform of the injustices in society and to demonstrate conditions of common people in troubled regions. Over the past decade, photography has also become fully assimilated within the art world as well as becoming a social phenomenon like never before. With this in mind we set the new focus for this year’s biennial and have chosen to highlight the work of contemporary artists who use photography not only artistically, but in social and political contexts. This kind of photography is more than personal expression; it is a reaction against injustice and abuse in society. It is work that displays ethic and commitmen. They let us see the world as it is today. Michel Thomas Chair Fotografi i Fokus/Malmö Fotobiennal

Catalog preview https://issuu.com/adenko/docs/malmo_fotobiennal_catalogue_to_issu/1
Preview catalogue from last year biennal: Contemporary Activism

MAP 2015


Exhibitions in the program

Alexander Krack Germany. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Alba Zari Italy. Exhibiting at Le Moulin. Alnis Stalke Latvia. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Anthony Luvera Australia. Outdoors. Anders Sømme Hammer Norway. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format. Arnis Balcus Latvia. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Billie Zangewa South Africa. Exhibiting at Lunds Konsthall. Christel Lundberg Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum. Cecilia Sering Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum. Christoffer Næss Norway. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format. Dorel Frumusanu Romania. Exhibiting at Folkets Park. Ewa Stackelberg Sweden. Exhibiting at Galleri David hall. Enrico Abrate Italy. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Ewa Berg Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum. Edward Finnell Sweden. Exhibiting at Miva galleri. Flavia Schuster Argentina. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Gijs van den Berg Netherlands. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Gisela Eriksson Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum. Hannah Abrahamson Sweden. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski. Helga Steppan Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum. Jens Assur Sweden. Exhibiting at Kulturen. Juan Yactayo Sono Peru. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski Johannes Persson Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Brazil. France. Film at Panora Jesper Blomqvist Sweden. Exhibiting at Form/ design center Johannas Schartau. Exhibiting at Molekyl Gallery Kent Klich Sweden. Exhibiting at Konsthallen Laurence Rasti Iran. Switzerland. Exhibiting at Panora Marta Zgierska Polen. Exhibiting at Old Bukowski Marcia Kure Nigeria. USA.Exhibiting at Lunds Konsthall Miriam Syowia Kyambi Kenya. Exhibiting at Lunds Konsthall Michel Thomas France. Sweden. Exhibiting at Scandinavian Photo Naomi Soto Spain. England. Exhibiting at Copyright © Seved Nargis Azaryun Afghanistan. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format Nebojsa Slijepcevic Kroatien. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format Pepe Viñoles Uruguay. Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum Robert Ek Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum Sharon Ritossa Italy. Exhibiting at Moulin Galleri The Santxez crew Spain. Outdoors. Sadaf Fetrat Afghanistan. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format Sahar Fetrat Afghanistan. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format. Sibylla Tuxen Danmark. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Format Tomáš Rafa Slovakia. Exhibiting at Moderna Museet Malmö Tadao Cern Lithuania. Exhibiting at Digitaliseum Tracey Rose South Africa. Exhibiting at Lunds Konsthall Tuss Marie Lysén Sweden. Exhibiting at Rostrum Tommy Lindholm Sweden. Exhibiting at Malmö högskolan Valérie Oka Côte D’Ivoire. Exhibiting at Lunds Konsthall Wim Wenders Germany. Film shown at Panora. Zanele Muholi South Africa. Exhibiting at Fotogalleri Vasli Souza Zoulikha Bouabdellah. France. Exhibiting at Lunds Konsthall

Seminar:https://vimeo.com/michelthomas/malmofotobiennaltalk1 ZANELE MUHOLi. South Africa KENT KLICH. Sweden DROR FEILER Israel/Sweden Moderator PONTUS KYANDER Sweden skarmavbild-2016-09-28-kl-21-24-02 skarmavbild-2016-09-28-kl-21-23-04

Sydsvenskan 19 september 2015 http://www.sydsvenskan.se/2015-09-19/den-nya-fotoaktivismen 160918_malmofotobiennal_projektbeskrivning_invitations2